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The Soak-a effect

Regular readers will know that we have an adorable friend named Soca. I don’t know if she’s 100% Labrador, but she is definitely a retriever. Soca loves water. She’ll sit in a ditch for the sheer joy of it. I’ve seen her do it. 

This makes her a bit of an odd couple with Spencer who is basically afraid of water. Continue reading


Learning to love water

We were hoping that the weather would be a bit warmer while we were on vacation so that we could teach Spencer to swim. This summer when it was very hot, we got him a wading pool that he could sit in, but he seemed to be afraid of it. After many hours of training, we finally got him to put two feet in, but he performed highly amusing acrobatics to avoid putting more than two feet in as he crossed it to get the treats we were holding out on the other side.

So, despite the cool weather, Greg decided to take the bull by the horns the first evening. We crossed the street to the lake, and Greg stripped down to his boxers while I documented the experiment. Continue reading