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Wanna bet?

As any of our dedicated readers have seen, we do our best to stay out of trouble. We avoid situations that look like they have unfavorable outcomes and have worked really hard to get Spencer to the point where he sees someone come around a corner or towards him and veers away. (He did that twice this morning before I even saw the person come around the corner!)

So it is very frustrating when people and events seem to conspire against us. However, I have noticed that a common denominator in many of these cases is that people have much less control over their dogs than they think they do. Continue reading


Lakes and Christmas trees

Spencer at the Lac de Chaumeçon

Spencer at the Lac de Chaumeçon

The area where we went on vacation is a regional natural park. There are several lakes (all artificial as far as I can tell) and lots of trees. While there, we learned that many of the Christmas trees in France are grown in the Morvan. As a matter of fact, our land lady was also a Christmas tree farmer. Continue reading