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Revising history

This blog was started before we switched to positive training methods. Since I’m afraid of propagating misinformation, I felt that it was only responsible to go back and update articles that contained misinformation and accounts of our misguided efforts to “fix” Spencer with “correction-based” training (which at the end of the day only made the situation much, much worse).

For people who are just becoming familiar with positive training through this blog, I recommend going back and perusing the articles before “Switching Horses in Midstream.” Look for text in italics with “Update February 2015”, which is where I explain what is wrong with the previous text. However, I’ve left the original text intact so people have the wrong information in context.

If I can prevent even one person from committing the tragic errors we made, then it will be more than worthwhile eating a bit of humble pie.


Great Start, Not Such a Good Finish

“I really should plant my feet more solidly,” I thought to myself as I took my eyes off Spencer for a split-second to acknowledge the man’s thanks. Almost instantly, I found myself flat on the ground and being dragged by an over-excited Cane Corso. Continue reading