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The scariest night of the year

A Cane Corso puppy wearing a sombrero naps while cradling a bottle of tequila

Until we have a picture of Spencer in a Halloween costume, here’s an adorable baby Cane Corso in costume, borrowed from http://dogtime.com/holiday/29835-23-awesome-dog-halloween-costume-ideas-pictures

A few years ago, I read an article that said there are basically two types of dogs when the doorbell rings: Santa dogs and Satan dogs. The former think that everyone who arrives at the front door is as wonderful as Santa Claus. The latter think that whoever is at the door must be coming to do bodily harm to the family. Reactive dogs like Spencer fall into the latter category.

That being the case, Halloween is a particularly challenging event for reactive dogs. The doorbell rings constantly, bringing strange-looking creatures to the house, but they are constantly turned away, so clearly are not friends. Continue reading