Underdog, the cartoon superhero dogA little while ago, I heard Spencer bark in the kitchen. I assumed he wanted to go out, but knowing that Greg was near the back door, I didn’t move. Spencer barked again. I got up muttering about how Greg could at least open the door. Greg heard me and replied, “The door’s open.” Well, that’s odd. Why is Spencer barking then?

I walked into the kitchen, asking Spencer what was wrong, and immediately knew. The room reeked of natural gas. The burner I thought I had lit a few minutes earlier had either gone out or never ignited, but the gas was open. I turned the knob to turn off the gas, turned on the exhaust fan and immediately started praising Spencer and gave him a super yummy treat, before going to open the front door to create a draft to clear the air in the room.

Spencer’s super nose powers saved the day!


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