An extraordinary encounter

Coming home from our walk yesterday morning, Spencer and I passed in front of the municipal pool which is about 100 metres from our house. A women leaving the pool was on a diagonal path to intersect our path, in front of us. I stopped Spencer and gave him the command to wait. The woman stopped just in front of us, and made a kissy noise to get his attention. She saw his muzzle, and this is where people normally ask me, “Is he mean” But she didn’t. She asked, “Is he fearful? ”

I was surprised, but delighted. “Yes, ” I replied. “Very.”

She immediately dropped into a squat, slightly held her hand out in front of her, and called him again. Timidly, her moved forward and started to sniff her hard and her face. Worried that he would suddenly decide she was scary, I kept the leash too tight and kept reassuring him in a calm voice that she was nice, and he should be stay calm. He did. and I called him away fairly quickly. Always better that a shy dog’s first contact with someone new be too short than too long.

I told the woman that I couldn’t believe it. She must have a gift. Normally, he reacted very easily to strangers. “Reward him!” she said. (I was already giving him chicken.)

I wanted to hug her. It’s so rare to bump into people who truly understand our special needs puppy. I hope we see her again soon.


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