Our worlds collide

Our dog friends Soca and Sherlock play togetherYesterday, Sherlock and his family came over for lunch. It was a lovely day (despite the bad weather forecast), and both dogs did really well. Sherlock made himself right at home: jumping on all the toys laying around the yard and bringing them under the table.

We decided to keep the dogs separated to keep the stress levels low. It seemed to work. Sherlock was totally relaxed and kept trying to get under the gate to reach Spencer, so he clearly wasn’t traumatized by Spencer jumping on him last time. Spencer was very gentle when Sherlock had his head pinned under the gate.

Amazingly, Spencer was totally relaxed with our human friends. His body language was relaxed and loose, with a gaping grin on his face. When Noemi came over to give him treats and ask him to do tricks, he wagged his tail and performed happily. He barked at Frank a couple of times, but only half-heartedly.

Later, I went back with Noemi, Frank and Sherlock because Soca was coming over to meet Sherlock and see if she liked their house since she needs a place to stay the last weekend of August. From the picture above and the video below, I think you’ll agree it went well.


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