House arrest

Spencer is sad. Now that he has become adventurous, his ideal schedule would probably be an hour of walking followed by an hour-long nap, followed by an hour of walking, and so on throughout the day, with the only interruptions being food.
But that’s not happening at the moment. He has a wound — probably an infected tick bite. It’s not terribly serious, but it’s located on his shoulder in a place where all his harnesses rub and rip off the scab. (Too much information, I know.)
So to encourage it to heal, we’ve put him under house arrest, except for one walk a day and car rides, when we can take the chance of hooking his leash to his collar.
There are two problems with the collar.
The first is that his head and necked are practically the same circumference, so it’s easy for him to get his collar off.
The second is that he is very sensitive to any pressure on his collar ever since the unfortunate period with the choke-collar trainer. Pressure on his collar tends to trigger his reactivity.
Luckily, it’s kind of rainy at the moment. That’s helpful because Spencer doesn’t like going out in the rain; but when the sun comes out occasionally, well, I think he thinks I’m stupid for not picking up on his hints.
First, he loiters near the door. Then he lets out a low woof. When I come to see why, he stares meaningfully at the coat rack. Last night, he event went so far as to pic up one of my shoes and carry it in the direction of the door. And yet, I’m stillllllll too thick to take him for a walk!


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