The dreaded water bottle

Someone recently gave us one of those folding water bottles for hiking with your dog. The bottle is covered on one side by a case that you flip open to use as a trough. You squeeze water out of the bottle into the trough. Very handy.

Water bottle for hiking with dogs


I took him out to the woods the other day. It was very hot and most of the small ponds had dried up since we hadn’t had much rain recently. So I quickly took out the water bottle and put some water into the trough.

Spencer scurried to the end of the leash and started to walk in circles around me, trying to stay as far from the bottle as he could. Nothing I did convinced him that this object was OK.

I finally gave up, dumped the water and headed up the trail where I hoped to find water in a pond. We didn’t.

I was starting to get worried. It was very hot, and if we couldn’t find water or I couldn’t convince Spencer to drink from the new bottle, we would have to cut short our walk. I cursed myself for not having thought to test his tolerance of the new bottle at home first. He has no problem with our other water bottle  and the pop-up bowl we have.

I let him sniff the scary, new bottle while folded up. No problem. I opened it. That seemed OK. I started to squirt water into the trough. Panic!  A-ha! The big problem seemed to be the hissing noise the water makes as it squirts into the trough.

A light bulb went off: I unscrewed the bottle from the trough and poured the water normally and then held the bottle away from the trough. Bingo! Spencer drank some water. However, I couldn’t screw the bottle back into the trough until he finished because he was intimidated by the bottle looming over his head.

I was reassured that I wasn’t going to dehydrate my dog. However, he still doesn’t seem to like it very much. The last time I offered him water like this, he ignored it even though it was hot and he usually drinks a lot when it’s hot. Luckily, we found some ponds that still had water. I’m not sure we’ll get much use out of our folding bottle.


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