Buh-bye, mom!

Spencer is making great progress these days. And we’re not the only ones who think so. They boarding place that takes care of him has also noticed a change. When they come to get him for a walk, he now does his crazy dog pre-walk dance.

We have long had confidence in the care he receives at the boarding place, but s surprising development when I dropped him off the last time really made it clear that he feels safe and happy with them.

We drove over on a Friday afternoon in terrible traffic. Instead of taking 45-60 minutes to get there, it took us almost three hours. Spencer was fed up with the car by this point (he’d been whining for at least the last half hour of the journey, adding to my joy) and probably had to go to the bathroom.

We were met by a fairly new caretaker named Laura. To encourage him to see her positively, I fed him the last of his treats after she had taken the leash, or almost the last. Before he’d even finished, he turned around and started walking away with her without even a background glance over his shoulder.

In the past, I’d gotten the why-are-you-leaving-me look, so this was a huge (and pleasant) change. It showed me that he understood what was happening and was totally OK with it. What a relief!

This did not prevent him from doing the most extremely version of the dance of joy I have ever seen when I came back for him five days later. He literally jumped vertically to kiss me on the face!


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