Work with me, people!

Warning: this will be a bit of a rant.

When walking a reactive dog, you have to constantly be aware of everything going on around you and have your course plotted out so that you can fluidly guide the dog through a potential mine field. But sometimes, despite your best efforts the Fates work against you. And frankly, sometimes other people really don’t help.

So this morning we were heading to the hope with the hopes of going to Playgroup. There were a lot of people out. So we’re walking down the street and I see a woman coming up our sidewalk. I glance at the other side of the street, and there is another woman on that sidewalk, but closer. No problem, I think, we’ll just wait until that first woman goes by and then cross diagonally and continue behind her.

Then Spencer starts the John Wayne walk. I don’t know about other dogs, but when Spencer is about to stop to poop, he starts walking like he’s been on a horse all day. No panic, I think, I’ll just get the bag ready, grab the poop and worry about tying the bag and everything once we’ve navigated the tricky bit.

Except there are suddenly cars preventing us from crossing.

I raise my hand in the universal stop signal. The woman keeps coming. I say, please wait. She keeps coming. There’s really nowhere to take the dog. I consider running in front of the car, but decide that’s a bad idea, so I prepare for the inevitable. She comes too close and Spencer starts barking and lunging. He’s on a really short leash by this point, so he can’t get away from my hip, and he did calm down pretty much immediately, but it was extremely frustrating.

If that woman had just been willing to wait a few seconds, then we could have handled this with no problems. Sigh.


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