Spencer against the swans

Sometimes there are moments that you really wish you had captured on video, and you didn’t. In both the park where we walk regularly and where we meet Irène the trainer, there are swans. For a long time, Spencer didn’t seem to notice them. Then in December, he went to drink out of the lake at the Bois de Vincennes, and the swans were much closer than usual. As they glided closer, he started barking frantically at them, and was impossible to pull away.

After that, I noticed him keeping an eye on the swans at the Parc de Sceaux and reacting if they got too close.

He was really relaxed during yesterday’s lesson with Irène at the Bois. At one point, we went down to the lake for a drink, and a swan was really nearby. As Spencer leaned out over the water (not barking) toward the swan, the bird glided closer, probably expecting to be fed. It leaned in and snapped its beak (fairly gently). Spencer backed up a few inches and then leaned back in. The swan snapped again. That was too much for poor Spencer. He barked twice in a clear, but calm, “stop that!” message. But it was perfectly easy for me to persuade him to turn and walk away, which is already progress over the first encounter in December.


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