Watching Sheep

You may not know this, but sheep are apparently terrifying. One of our local parks (it’s actually the grounds of a castle) contains a pen with sheep, goats and cows. According to the sign, they’re used to mow the lawns in a more environmentally friendly way, but I’ve never seen them out of the pen, and I have seen the giant tractor lawnmowers all around the park. But I digress…

Spencer finds these animals terrifying, so we’ve been gradually getting close to them. Today, we got within about 2 meters of the fence, when Spencer backed up and then did a U-turn and high-tailed it out of there. Which is funny, because the sheep were still a good 30-40 meters away.

But it’s what he did beforehand that surprised me. You may have trouble seeing the sheep in the video — they’re the little white specks on the horizon. But watch how my reactive dog handles the guy walking by…


He’s at the end of his long lead (which is very loose), so about 10 meters away from me with a sense of total freedom to move.


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