Hummer’s Big Stick

So we’re still seeing Pascale and Hummer about once a week. When we can, we meet in the forest, and when that doesn’t work, we meet at the local park. Hummer lives in our neighborhood, so we’re looking forward to a day when maybe the dogs can play together in the yard and we can calmly have a cup of tea. But we’re not there yet for a couple of reasons:

  • Spencer seems comfortable having Pascale relatively near him, and he even started to move towards her last week while she was sitting down, but Pascale standing up and moving around still requires a safety margin. The good news is that he doesn’t charge. He just creeps along the edge of a big invisible circle.
  • While Spencer and Hummer are relaxed and wag their tails at each other, things very quickly boil over when they play. The sequence goes like this: One of the dogs will approach the other. They’ll either sniff each other or start to play. At some point, Hummer will get overexcited and either bark at Spencer or try to bite his ear. This will scare Spencer and he’ll scurry away. Spencer almost never barks back.

We had bad luck today. The weather forecast was great and the morning beautiful, but shortly before our scheduled meeting, it clouded over and then started to rain. Nonetheless, we gave it a shot. I have to say that Spencer was pretty tolerant of the rain for once, especially since I hadn’t taken his rain jacket.

Anyway, at one point in time, Spencer and I were walking a bit off the path since Hummer was making him nervous, Pascale tried to distract Hummer with a stick. Hummer loves sticks.


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