I’m Batdog!

Anyone who’s seen Spencer in action knows that he doesn’t like being wet, and he doesn’t like being cold. This summer, he regularly went out and laid in the noontime sun when the temperatures were over 30C / 85F. We don’t know whether this is because he was abandoned during a cold, rainy March or whether it’s just because he is short-haired and even has some almost bald spots on his tummy. (We mustn’t forget that his breed is originally from Italy.)

Spencer models his raincoat.To make both cold and rain more comfortable for him, we got him a raincoat. Every time I put it on him, I feel compelled to say, “I’m Batdog!”

For anyone interested in raingear for their dog, I’d recommend this one. It’s good quality, easy to put on, and protects the tummy as well as the back of the dog. There’s a drawstring on the neck, and the letters are reflective to make the dog more visible. They’re designed for active dogs, not accessory dogs, but there’s no reason a small urban dog wouldn’t be happy in one. It’s from a Finnish company called Hurtta.

The raincoat came in handy from our very first outing. As we headed to the end of the lake we were staying on (Lac des Settons) to see the dam, it started raining fairly heavily. Here we are crossing the dam. Note that Spencer is just walking along and not ducking for cover, which is what he has always done in the past when it rained.

Spencer and Kristen walk across Setton Dam in the rain.


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