Give a Dog a Bone — a photo essay

Spencer deposits his bone in his cage.

Spencer deposits his new treasure in his cage.

One of the great pleasures of living in France is the access to excellent butcher shops. And one of the great things about butcher shops is access to good quality bones for your dog. At the end of June, we finally remembered to ask the butcher if he had a bone for a large dog. The following series of photos shows Spencer enthralled by his first authentic marrow bone. He still chews on it almost daily and is eagerly awaiting the butcher’s return from vacation so her can have a new one.

Spencer deposits his bone in his cage.The first sign that he values something we give him is that he immediately “hides” it in his cage. He will eventually take it out and use it or invite us to play with it. We respect the hiding stage, especially since we prefer him hiding stuff in his cage to burying it in the garden, which is what he did at first. Rawhide bones covered in dirt are kind of yucky, at least to humans.

The bone didn’t stay in the cage for long!

Spencer chews on his marrow bone.Getting a handle on the bone wasn’t easy. It’s big and heavy. Even with his powerful jaws, Spencer kept dropping it.

Spencer gets as flat as possible to chew the bone.

His first strategy was getting down on the same level as the bone.

Spencer chews the bone that he holds with his paws.

The bone situation is under control!

Before we knew it, he was outside and had figured out how to hold the bone with his paws to optimize chewing. We left him out in the yard while we went to see the progress neighbors were making with a project. Normally, he’d bark when we left. We’re not even sure he noticed we were gone!


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