Empty Nest Syndrome

As you can imagine, with all of Spencer’s issues, sometimes it’s nice to have a break. But because of his issues, it’s hard to get a break. We were delighted to find a boarding place at Christmas time that specializes in mastiffs, only takes 5 dogs at a time and is happy to deal with his issues.

As a matter of fact, the boss takes care of him to make sure that Spencer gets the attention his issues require.

This is a huge relief as is makes social and business travel much more manageable.

This weekend we went to Antwerp for my business partner’s 50th birthday party. Originally we thought we might drive up, so we planned to drop him off on Friday and pick him up on Monday. In the end, the cold and snowy weather was predicted to continue into the weekend, so we decided it was wiser just to take the train up for the night.

So we found ourselves home on Friday and Sunday nights, just Greg and me. And boy, was that weird. The thing is, the giant dog just kind of occupies the house. Even if you’re not in the same room as him, he’s almost always snoring, so you just know he’s there. Plus it’s strange coming home and having absolutely no one do a dance of joy to welcome you.

Anyway, Greg and I survived our first bout of Empty Nest Syndrome and even resisted the urge to pick Spencer up early yesterday.

When we picked him up, Spencer was over the moon. But I still think the boarding is good for him. It works on his socialization and teaches him that the world keeps turning when we are separated. Plus he gets lots of time with other dogs and walks in the woods several times a day and stuff like that. So I’ve told Greg that even when we’re not going anywhere, I think we should put Spencer in boarding one weekend a month for everyone’s well-being. Stay tuned…


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