Spencer meets the police

Because alcohol consumption rises during the holidays, there’s always a big push at that time of year to raise awareness about road safety here in France. Gruesome ad campaigns warn about the consequences of driving after drinking and there are often random checks that people are wearing their seatbelts, etc. We try to avoid driving on New Year’s Eve or at the other peak times, so I’ve never been pulled over for one of these routine checks.

Now what can be worse when you have a giant dog with stranger fear issues than to be pullled over by the police with the dog in the car? So guess what happened on the way back from Spencer’s last lesson with Irene?  You guessed it…in broad daylight, in the middle of the week, we get pulled over for a random check.

Greg quickly slipped out of the car (which American cops definitely wouldn’t have liked) to explain the situation. 

At this point in time, I was amazed that Spencer hadn’t started barking, but that might be simply because he couldn’t decide which of the 4-5 officers to fixate on.The policeman on my side of the car tapped on my window, and I had barely opened it a crack and explained that I couldn’t open it further because of the dog, when Spencer started barking frantically at that window. I slipped the papers out through the slit I had opened.

To my surprise, when I then asked Spencer to lay down and stay, he listened…and stopped barking. But he was clearly not at ease. After the routine check of the papers, Greg got back in the car, and we drove away, but for the rest of the ride, anyone near the car at any traffic light was treated with great suspicion by Spencer.


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