Llamas are interesting


I’ve been pretty annoyed recently because a circus has been camped on the spot where Spencer usually plays with Giga. This means he’s not getting his daily dose of play. Already the morning walk is complicated by how late sunrise is.

So we’ve been avoiding the park and mostly doing Spencer’s long walk at lunchtime. However, on the weekend, we can wait until sunrise. Since he loves horses, I decided to take him to the park to see the circus’ ponies. Spencer started pulling towards the pony and then stopped dead: he had just caught sight of the llamas circling in their pen. We watched them for a couple of minutes later and then I took him over to see the camels. I’ve never seen him react like that. He was fascinated. He sat down and didn’t budge for at least ten minutes.

At first, I thought the circus just made him nervous because of all the strange movement and smells. I’ve since realized that there are tigers, and it’s probably good sense for him to be a little tense around them. Obviously they make sounds that he hears but I don’t. So I try to avoid lingering near the tiger cages so he doesn’t think I’m offering him up for sacrifice.


One thought on “Llamas are interesting

  1. Kristen Sukalac

    Apparently llamas and camels become scary when they take an interest in YOU. We were looking at the camels again today when one of them noticed us and started gently moving towards us. Spencer didn’t like that one bit and started barking. I moved him away and had him stop to see that he wasn’t being followed, but he remained on edge for the rest of the walk.


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