Into the woods…


Spencer and I were alone this weekend. We can’t really have good walks in the nearby park at the moment because it’s occupied by a circus. So I decided to bravely pack Spencer into the car and head to a nearby forest. Greg and I had taken him last week, but the access point was overpopulated and the terrain too uneven for it to be fun managing him pulling on the leash.

The entry I used this weekend was much better. I still wouldn’t let him off-leash without a muzzle because there are quite a few people around, but we have enough space that he relaxes and can focus on doing dog things. Yesterday’s walk was so nice that I hoped to take him back today.

All morning he kept looking at me with those imploring make-it-stop-raining eyes. I knew the evening was supposed to be clear, so I watched the weather radar and took him at 15.00, when our chances of being rained on seemed minimal.

The walk was a bit more challenging than yesterday: there were a surprising number of people, and the paths were very slippery, so at times it looked like we were doing a dog-powered land-based form of water skiing! I took it as a sign he had had fun, when he wanted to get back on the trail instead of getting in the car. But he was practically asleep in the car on the way home and was relatively calm when I left him in the car to pop into the bakery.


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