2 steps forward, 1 step back

Spencer had a pretty good lesson again today. We met Irène who was with Tina (a dog) and her mistress. We walked and worked on managing him vis-à-vis passers-by, other dogs, etc. We went deeper into the woods and a magical calm overcame Spencer. This reinforces our suspicion that he probably grew up in the country and finds an urban environment very stressing.

When we came back out toward the road, Spencer got noticeably less calm. 

At the end, we were talking to Irène while standing still, and everything was going great for about 10 minutes until Spencer suddenly lunged at her. We don’t know if the fact that we weren’t moving let him focus on the fact that he doesn’t know her well, or the proximity of the cars had him too tightly wound, or her cell phone made a noise or what. But it seemed strange after he had allowed her to pet him and be near him for an hour. 

No harm was done, but it was an unfortunate way to end what was otherwise a really successful lesson.


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