Vomitfest 2012

So yesterday at lunchtime, I was really surprised that Spencer didn’t come out of his bed when I started cooking. Then he didn’t react well when I gave him a bit of yogurt on my fingers.  This was surprising. This dog does not usually say no to food.

I called him to give him his essential oil drops, whcih are usually delivered on two little treats. He ate them obediently, but certainly didn’t savor them.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered his breakfast regurgitated in the sunroom.  Super. Trying to get as close to outside as he could despite the closed doors, Spencer threw up in the track of the sliding glass doors. Double super.

I encouraged him to drink to rinse out his mouth, and he did so very obediently.  And then threw up in the living room shortly thereafter. Only a quick reaction on my part saved the sheet music books.

So I let him sleep most of the afternoon, working nearby so he felt less alone. 

By the time Greg got home in the evening, Spencer had eaten a little kibble and seemed his usual energetic self. By bedtime, he had had enough kibble to rebuild his energy.

This morning when I took him down to the park, he was a little edgy (he tried very fiercely to chase away a woman who was clear on the other side fo the street and whom WE overtook), but then he played nicely with other dogs at the park and threw himself at the feet of Neron’s mistress to have his belly rubbed. So I thought the edginess might be due to the fact that he hadn’t really had any of his essential oils (Bach’s Flowers) in 24 hours.

I noticed that he didn’t have the same endurance as usual, but I just chalked that up to not having eaten very much the previous day. However, he refused his breakfast.

I called over Marylène (neighbor with 5 dogs) to help me take his temperature. He was fairly interactive, and she said that while he clearly wasn’t himself, it didn’t seem to be anything too serious. He seemed puzzled that she had come alone, so when she left, I went with her and picked up Epona, her bulldog who is Spencer’s friend.  And, although he threw up again after her arrival (thankully outside this time), he seems quite pleased she’s here. 

But that, as the Hammy Hamster narrator says, is another story…


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