She came, she saw, she conquered


You’d never know it from these photos, but Epona came over to play with Spencer today. They seemed delighted to see each other when I fetched her from the neighbors’ house, so I left them together while I went upstairs to get my computer to be able to work and supervise at the same time.

It was very quiet when I came back downstairs, so I figured they were outside…which is exactly where I found Spencer. Epona was installed in his bed, chomping away on one of his chew toys. And poor Spencer, whenever he came near, clearly wanting her to come play with him, she woud just growl at him! HIS cage and haven had become HER fortress! 

After waiting to see if they would work this out themselves, I finally used my (thankfully) recognized authority to put all the toys up where Epona couldn’t reach them. This forced her to interact with Spencer a bit.

They have spent time following each other around (technically speaking, not exactly playing, but interacting nicely), but they’ve also spent quite a bit of time apart. At the moment, Epona is sleeping on a rug next to me (pictured) and Spencer is nestled in his day-crate in the sunroom.

Go figure.


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