He barks too much

Sigh. Just when I thought we were starting to reduce our Spencer-related problems, a neighbor came tonight to complain about Spencer’s barking. We have actually been doing spotchecks with neighbors to make sure it’s not too bothersome and warning them when we’re going to be away for a few hours and leave him outside. But these are neighbors we’re not very intimate with. We’ve always had polite exchanges with them but haven’t had any particular reason to get friendly…and they pretty much keep to themselves anyway.

I totally understand their point if they find it bothersome, but it irked me somewhat when the guy said that if you have a dog, you have to be responsible. If there’s anything we’ve tried to be with Spencer, it’s responsible. So the result is going to be that Spencer is going to have to spend a lot more time inside, to be confined mostly to the back yard when outside and we’re going to have to keep working on his training.

Sigh. I’m a little depressed tonight.


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