SA log 3

So today we didn’t do a lot of separation work because I had a friend over for lunch and Spencer also has a little issue with being over-protective of our territory (which the trainer assures us will eventually resolve itself), he currently needs to be in a contained space away from guests.

Before my friend arrived, I did go out to the mailbox (to mail the enrollment for Spencer’s health insurance, actually). Spencer was in the garden, so I decided to leave him there and see how things went. As soon as I left he barked and then calmed down. And then started again later. But when I came back just over four minutes later, he was laying calmly about halfway up the path, not even right behind the garden gate. So wile he seemed unhappy with my departure, he did not seem panicky.

As a matter of fact, when I came back, rather than act like he hadn’t seen me in a million years, he tried to initiate a game. That tends to imply that he was fairly calm.

When he was isolated during the visit, he did pretty well. He got barky at one point, but not whiny. And actually when i finally let him out, he made a beeline for his water dish, which I had forgotten to put in with him. So the barking might actually have a message more than distress (it didn’t sound like his distressed barking).


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